Human Google Project


Human Google Project is a solo durational performance work in which I attempt to take on the role of Google, and anyone can ask me anything. As I sit behind a desk, audiences are invited to use me as they would an internet search engine, with questions and answers recorded in the space to become a physical ‘web’ of information that is part fact, part fiction, and part somewhere-in-between.


In attempting to fulfill the role of Google, I take on the roles of doctor, global map, historian, dictionary, scientist, retailer, advice columnist, information booth, and entertainer. How do my human characteristics – empathy, bias, deceit, ignorance, enthusiasm, fatigue and so on – affect the answers I provide? How do they affect the questions people ask of me? This project calls into question changing notions of truth and the algorithm-driven standardisation of knowledge. It draws into focus the limits of an individual’s capacity to understand the world and harks back to a time when myths and best-guesses often occupied the place of fact, blurring the boundaries between the two.


Concept and performance by Roslyn Helper 

Presented at: 
Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival

August 2015


Photo by Ash Berdebes