I'll Have What She's Having


I'll Have What She's Having is a project developed through PACT's 2015 Freshly Squeezed residency in collaboration with Social Entrepreneur Eddie Ormiston.

The artists and Eddie attempted to recreate the final scene from When Harry Met Sally on stage, over Skype, for a live audience. As the scene spiraled into awkward failure due to the physical and technical limitations of the actors, the audience was gradually implicated by stepping onto stage to help out, ultimately taking responsibility for the success of the work.


In this collaboration for Freshly Squeezed, zin's live art performance modes and Eddie's social entrepreneurship business strategies united to explore and question the role of the artist/ entrepreneur as agents for change via remote technologies and displaced presence.


Created and performed by zin and Eddie Ormiston


Presented at: 

PACT Centre for Emerging Artists

January 2015


Documentation of I'll Have What She's Having starts at 47:18.