Instructional Audio - Rapid Prototype


Instructional Audio is a participatory project where people are invited to put put on a set of headphones and perform a set of pre-recorded instructions. 


In this iteration of the project, as well as playing with the original format, I recorded live commentaries to spontaneous improvisations by participants, which a third person then listened to and attempted to reenact. It was like audio-visual Chinese whispers, or creating multiple carbon copies, which get a little blurrier every time a new copy is made.


One participant had to crush a raw egg in his palm and hold it above his head and shout “this is virtual reality!” Some people had to take off their clothes, pretend to be cockroaches, hold hands and make strange noises and run on the spot whilst reciting poetry about stillness.


Concept by Roslyn Helper 

Presented at: 
Rapid Prototype, 107 Projects


Images from video stills by Steven Lattuca.

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