Lifestyle of the Richard and Family

Dinner party drama turns tech-rave apocalypse. Written with the assistance of text prediction, this stage-play is a sprawling, poetically absurd modern drama that shines a light on the increasing role automated technologies play in our daily lives.

The Age said, "...The result was a kind of Ionescu via autocorrect, not exactly pleasant but with an absurd internal logic of its own". said, "Their world is articulated through an impressively detailed lexicon, an augmented consumerist doublespeak of sorts, fittingly written with the assistance of grammar correction program Swift key Note... Incessant, irreverent and out of control".

The Guardian said some stuff too but they didn't seem to really get that it's not about whether AI can write a better play than a human, but about how automated technologies have the power to limit our access to language, ideas and diverse perspectives. 

Conceived and written by Roslyn Helper

Directed and devised by Harriet Gillies and company

Performed at Next Wave

May 2018

Photographic documentation by Snehargho Ghosh.