Summation of Life (Detail) Part 2

To create this performance I spent months trawling Instagram via hashtag searches, screenshotting and organising thousands of posts to create a slideshow depicting human hopes, desires and insecurities through the familiar lens of the smartphone selfie. This performance worked in counterpoint to Summation of Life (Detail) Part 1, a film that uses predictive text and stock footage to present uncannily familiar human experiences. Presented together, these two works - one generated with predictive technologies and the other generated by humans and organised via a global archiving system – make visible the electronic infrastructures that frame our thoughts, feelings and actions, bringing into question notions of creative agency, emotional authenticity and the feedback loops that constitute our identities. 

Concept and performance by Roslyn Helper

Presented at: 
Same/Everything for Liquid Architecture curated by Tom Smith

Firstdraft Gallery

August 2016

Photos by Document Photography