2-channel video with sound, 00:09:47, stills

Thank U, Text

A 2-channel video performance in which I repeatedly attempted to break up with myself, using as a script, messages constructed with a text prediction app on my phone.


This work explores what happens when embodied emotional states are mediated and expressed through technology-driven communication platforms. What poetry emerges? What slippages occur? In this hyper-emotional situation, I try to deal with my own shortcomings and failures as a human, whilst also being failed by the technology with which I am trying to express myself. The result has the uncanny familiarity of a break up, but meaning is constantly deferred and values are misplaced by a technocratic lexicon that doesn’t understand deep sadness.

Concept and performance by Roslyn Helper

With thanks to Priya Pavri

Exhibited at SEVENTH Gallery

April, 2019