This project used the way people are socially activated at parties - a familiar and often liberating environment for social interaction - to explore the issue of personal information privacy. "ZINGEN", a fictional internet conglomerate, hosted a party for all its "zingen members". Upon entry, each partygoer received a loyalty card (zintag) and was required to use their personal information as currency, paying for drinks and access to different areas of the party by giving information to ZINGEN about themselves. ZINGEN then compiled this information into profiles corresponding to each partygoer's unique zintag. The profiles containing all the collected information were then made public on large walls within the party, inciting responses both celebratory and anarchic. 

Concept by zin 

Created by Roslyn Helper, Peter Fitzgibbon, Harriet Gillies and Jemima Nobis 

Presented at: 
Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival

August 2013


Images by Jack Toohey